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Our Address

Old Quebec Street Shoppes
55 Wyndham Street N.
Guelph, ON
N1H 7T8

Shopping Hours

Please contact each store or office for their specific hours.

How to Find Us

Old Quebec Street is located in the heart of downtown Guelph, in St. George’s Square, at the intersection of Quebec and Wyndham. Its triangular, glass facade is a recognizable feature of Guelph’s downtown and impossible to miss!

You can also enter through the Sleeman Centre on Woolwich or the Co-Operators Building on Macdonell, which both connect to the Old Quebec Street building.

Where to Find Parking

Downtown parking in the city of Guelph is free for the first 2 hours and it’s usually easy to find spots in the city centre. Visitors can also use the paid parking in the West Parkade via Macdonell Street, which is connected to the Old Quebec Street building as well. For a full list of downtown parking lots, visit the City of Guelph website..

With the ongoing downtown parkade renovations, please visit the City of Guelph website for the Latest Updates on Downtown Parking Options

Downtown Parking